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WARNING: These warning signs are meant for inspection purposes only. If you find any problems with your electrical system, do not attempt to fix or tinker with it yourself. Contact McGrew today!KEEP TRACK OF CIRCUIT BREAKER TRIPSIt’s common for a home circuit breaker to trip. That’s what they’re designed to do - shut off your power through the circuit whenever the system is overloaded. In most cases, you can just switch… View More


The Real Value of a Generator

If you’re a homeowner thinking about purchasing a generator, you may be wondering whether your investment will pay off when the time comes to sell your home. Not to mention there are a lot of conflicting messages online about the value a generator can provide to your home. Some… View More


What To-Do and NOT To-Do During a Power Outage

You may not think about how much you depend on electricity until it is gone. So much of our modern life utilizes computers, TVs, game consoles, home appliances (most importantly refrigerators!), lights, and phones – which all require electricity. When they are gone, it can be unsettling and… View More


L.E.D Lights: Are they worth the investment?

Chances are, you won’t be the first homeowner to be found scratching your head in the lighting aisle of your local home improvement store pondering over the added expense of LED bulbs. Rapidly replacing incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescents, are LED bulbs worth the cost? In it for the Long… View More


Don't Be a D.I.Y. Electrician

While taking a DIY approach to many projects at home can save you money and give you a hands-on approach to fixing your problems, you shouldn’t try to take on everything by yourself. If you’re thinking about starting on a DIY electrical project, there are more risks involved than you’d run into in a traditional DIY project.Because electricity is such a dangerous thing to play with, a DIY electrical project could go wrong in… View More

By Jennifer B.

Jason came in to our store and was very professional. He maintained a positive attitude the entire time he was there, and never once complained about a thing. McGrew has always been our go to electrician, and will continue to handle our business going forward. We will also make sure we request Jason for all of our future calls, because he was awesome! Thank you McGrew Electric!