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Our Team

Our team begins with a tremendous office staff, laying the foundation for great customer service. Our office supports our service technicians by helping them to be efficient and on time. We have customer representatives who not only schedule your appointment at your convenience, but are also responsible for dispatching and processing your invoice. This is our staff’s way of watching over you from beginning to end.

Our highly qualified team of service representatives are the brick and mortar of McGrew Service. Joining our service team is difficult. Not only do they have to be experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, but it’s also important that our technicians be creative thinkers. Usually there’s more than one way to repair, replace, or install something. Therefore, excellent communication skills are a must so that our customers can decide what solution most suits their needs.

We offer certified, licensed technicians to service your needs. In addition to undergoing rigorous drug screening and background checks, McGrew Service makes sure that they receive ongoing training and certification in their areas of service. Our technicians are always up-to-date on the latest technology and methods to best serve you. At McGrew Service, we focus on skills and relational training for our technicians to give them all the “tools” that they need to be successful, offering you the peace of mind that you will have a professional, courteous, clean, and qualified technician at work for you. The average length of professional experience of our technicians is 22 years. When you call McGrew Service Company, you can rest assured that you will deal with the most highly trained and professional people in the electrical service industry today.

Cole Jeffers 

Owner/CEO/Sales Manager

Terrance Jeffers 

Director of Finance 

Deanna Greenfield 

Call Center Manager

As the owner, Cole is a driving force behind the service technicians and their performance in the field. His ability to oversee day-to-day operations enables McGrew Service to operate efficiently, ultimately resulting in supreme service to our valued clients. As he leads with authority, he keeps the technician’s productive and the customer’s happy. Terrance is Cole’s brother and has stepped in to take care of all of the back office work. He enjoys spending time with his son, travelling, and enjoying the outdoors. Deanna holds a vital role in McGrew Service as the Call Center Manager. She oversees the schedule, helps dispatch, and makes sure things run smooth in the office and in the field. Deanna enjoys everything outdoors; kayaking, boating, softball, kickball, fishing, hiking, gardening, and camping. She also adores her two dogs, Athena and Apollo.

Keagan Smith 


Bristen Babb


Brett Muncrief 



Keagan holds a vital role in McGrew Service as the ever important dispatcher. Making sure that appointments are booked with your schedule in mind and that technicians are where they need to be, she cracks the whip and gets the job done. After work, Keagan enjoys photography, crafting, baking, and spending time with family. She also loves to play with her mini-schnauzer, Ludwig and is a mother-to-be! 

Bristen is our newest office member. She helps schedule incoming calls and also calls our very important contract customers to let them know when it is time to schedule their next annual service. In her free time, she babysits, draws, listens to music, and enjoys the outdoors.  

Careful to complete each job with skill and expertise, Brett boasts over 32,000 work hours as a service tech. Due to of his uncanny customer satisfaction, we are willing to overlook the fact that his favorite quote is Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain.”  

Jim Brooks


Chris Ware


Jon Hall 


Having thirty years of electrical work experience under his belt, Jim is one of our most seasoned team members at McGrew Service. Standing tall and donning boots daily, it’s no surprise that his favorite movie is John Wayne’s “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.” Whoa there, Pilgrim.  Chris has been an electrician for 20 years. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable part of our team. When not at work, he enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife and two boys.  With 20 years experience, Jon is another member of our experienced team.  This father of two boys enjoys his time off playing baseball with his kids. His desire for super-human speed would come in handy at work and baseball.  

Jerrod Semora 

Electrician/HVAC Tech 

Kacey Kilby 

Electrician Apprentice 

Charlie Beck

HVAC Tech/Electrician Apprentice

As the HVAC manager, Jerrod the HVAC technicians who work with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and equipment. Jerrod always sees the positive in every situation and is a team player in every way. Jerrod likes to mountain bike, kayak, lift weights, and play ball when he is not giving work all he has got. Kasey has been with the company for 3 years and has 3 years of schooling under his belt. He has had some great training and we are ready to see him out on the roads taking care of our customers. In Kasey’s spare time, he enjoys being outside with his family, working out in the gym, and food. Boy, does this guy love food! Charlie is currently training as an electrical apprentice and just received his EPA license. His work ethics and character are exactly how we want to be represented out in the field here at McGrew. Charlie enjoys softball in his spare time.

Brandon Smith


Eric Smith

Electrician Apprentice 

Adam Shirey

Electrician NOT PICTURED

Brandon has been in the electric field for 15 years. He is very knowledgeable and has become a great asset to our team. In Brandon’s spare time, he is a martial arts instructor, builds motorcycles, and enjoys being a father of two boys and two girls.

Eric is a first-year apprentice but an what an
amazing hand he is. Eric is Brandon’s oldest
son and he is following in his dad’s footsteps.When it comes to needing help on a job, Eric is definitely the most requested. We appreciate his work ethic at such a young age. He also practices martial arts in his spare time.
Adam has been an electrician for 10 years and we are proud to have this Tom Hanks look-a-like on our team. Adam loves spending time with his two girls and loves to go fishing in his spare time.

Aaron Warmack



Aaron is our newest and tallest
member here at McGrew Service.
He has been an electrician for 13
years and loves to watch tv when
he is not giving it his all. 

By Dee B.

Colton was VERY professional and VERY thorough! When he called me on the phone, he made sure he explained exactly what he was going to do and how much it would cost. HUGE thumbs up! My friend Annette referred me to y'all and I will be happy to refer anyone else to y'all!