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An automatic standby generator is permanently installed outside your home or business and connected to your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. The generator senses a power outage, starts itself, and restores electricity to your home or business within seconds, even if you’re away. When utility power returns, the generator automatically shuts off and monitors the utility for the next outage.

We are  an authorized dealer of Kohler and Briggs & Stratton. Our company is pleased to announce the new offering of marine generator service! Our company is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized dealer of Kohler. We have already reached the “platinum” status and look forward to our future with this company.

McGrew Service Company is completely committed to providing generator power to our customers with top of the line equipment and a full staff of factory trained service technicians. We provide black-out protection and your auxiliary power needs from small 1000watt portables to 150KW prime power generators and anything in between. We have units that operate on gasoline, diesel, liquid propane (LP), and natural gas. Whether you purchased your system from us or someone else, we can perform all of the scheduled maintenance that your standby generator requires, as well as any repair/warranty work.

Before the power goes out, let us drop in and provide you with a trouble free natural gas or L.P. standby generator system quote. For top quality sales, service, or maintenance on your generator, call McGrew Service Company today and find out why so many Arkansans have trusted us with their emergency power.


Residential | Commercial | Industrial - Master Electrical License Number: M2523

By Dan D.

McGrew Service Company has treated me very well from the first time we met. All of their product options were presented to me in an easy to understand manner and it became very easy to make the right choices for our situation. Scot W. did my 3 month maintenance on my Generac 20KW unit. He explained the entire procedure to me and answered all of my questions. It's so obvious and comforting to know that my generator is in such capable hands. The only negative I can come up with, and this is a stretch, is that, McGrew waited for me to contact them about scheduling my 3 month free first maintenance. I was under the impression that they would have scheduled me ahead of time or at least called to get me scheduled - but again - I don't consider this to be a big deal at all. I know I made the right choice with McGrew Service Company. If anyone out there is contemplating a generator purchase, I highly recommend McGrew.