Serving Central Arkansas since 1988
By Robert H., Major, USAF (Retired) and Nancy H

Our first experience with McGrew Service was the purchase and installation of a backup power system. All work done for this installation was accomplished by experienced and competent technicians. The electrician worked with us to connect as many essential electrical devices possible (including one heating/AC system) to be switched over to the backup power in the event of failure of our main power source. We were very pleased with the installation and especially the work of Mr. Brett Muncrief. The periodic maintenance of the system by McGrew has kept it operating in top condition.
Since that time, we have requested the services of Brett on a number of electrical problems on our property. Some of these included installing indoor lighting, installing outdoor light poles, resolving electrical problems in our shop, bringing our hot tub wiring up to code, as well as several other problems. In every case, we have had a prompt response from McGrew Service, and our electrical problem was repaired in an efficient and timely manner. We would not hesitate to recommend McGrew Service Company to anyone needing a qualified electrician, and we have done so on several occasions.